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July 10, 2018

About Us

  1. About the Shillong Sports Association:

Records available confirmed that the Shillong Sports Association was founded in 1916 and was named as the Shillong Football Association where Shri Hara Kumar Roy was the first General Secretary of the Association. This Association was in later years named as the Shillong Sports Association. The Association till the fifties was only an Organization mainly involved with Football and Hockey. The Constitution of the Association which was being followed since 1935 provided for the Deputy Commissioner of the then United Khasi and Jaintia Hills District to be the President of the Association. The Constitution was redrafted in 1957, and according to the redrafted Constitution, the Annual General Meeting of the Shillong Sports Association held in 1958 elected its first non-official President. Within a year, the Constitution was again redrafted to make it more broad based and composite by extending its activities to other sports and games then being played in Shillong. It was formally accepted in the General Meeting in 1959 and till today the Constitution even after amendment guides the various activities of the Shillong Sports Association.

  1. Jurisdiction of the Association: The Shillong Sports Association exercises its jurisdiction over the whole East Khasi Hills District except in the Sub-Divisions / Administrative Units where recognized Sports Association exists.
  2. Objectives of the Association:

The main objectives of the Shillong Sports Association are:

  1. i) to promote, foster, control and encourage all sports and games both Indoor and Outdoor such as Football, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Archery etc. and to organize Tournaments in the various Branches and to participate in them both within and outside the District
  2. ii) to develop true sportsmanship spirit in all games and sports and to foster the spirit of discipline through the aforesaid activities and to protect the rights and privileges which members are entitled to

iii) to control and co-operate with all Clubs, Institutions, Associations and Branches of organized Sports and cultural Units

  1. iv) to make, alter, and enforce Rules and regulations for the control and governance of all games and sports as well as of players, Clubs and Institutions within its jurisdiction,
  2. v) to do all such lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects
  3. Affiliated Clubs in the Association:

Presently the Shillong Sports Association is having 75 (seventy five) affiliated Clubs under it which are being divided into four main Divisions. The Premiere Division is having 8 Clubs, the First Division is having 10 Clubs, the Second Division is having 14 Clubs and the rest are in the Third Division. The Association is now in the process of having another Division as the Fourth Division, so that Clubs do not accumulate in the Third Division. Besides the above Divisions of the Clubs, there is also the U-18 Premiere League, which was started in 2010, where all the Premiere Clubs are to have a U-18 Team with them. The Football League Tournaments for all the Divisions normally spread over a period of 7 (seven) months from May to November every year. The Champions and Runners up of all the Divisions are being awarded Prize money and Trophies along with mementos and certificates.

  • Activities other than Football:

Other than Football, the Shillong Sports Association is also catering to other sports activities like Athletics, Archery, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Hockey and Table Tennis. Inter Club competitions for these disciplines were used to be conducted separately by the Association where only the affiliated Clubs can participate. However, these disciplines were being conducted at a time by having a Meet called the ‘Shillong Games’. The Shillong Games is normally held once in two years.

  1. Principal Office bearers of the Association:

The President is the Head of the Association who chairs the meetings of the Council and other important Committees whenever constituted. The General Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association who runs the activities of the Association as per direction of the Council. The Council of the Association is the supreme Body which decides all issues relating to the Association. The present Constitution of the Association provides for the President, the Vice Presidents, the General Secretary and the Treasurer as the principal Office bearers of the Association.